Need to find reputable rubbish removal services in London? There are a number of options you can choose, depending on your needs.

Rubbish removal services are often used in the following situations:

  • Probate clearing to prepare a house for sale
  • Hoarder clearance
  • Removal of rubbish after building work
  • Waste disposal after garden landscaping
  • Office moves
  • Disposal of old furniture and other bulky items.

Here are some of the things you need to consider before carrying out rubbish removal or engaging services to do the job for you.

Probate clearing

If you have inherited a house from a relative and intend to put it on the market, then a thorough tidy up and rubbish removal is often required. What you might also need to do is to find the valuables and documents that relate to the property, such as:

  • wills and title deeds
  • share certificates
  • legal documents
  • bank statements
  • postal correspondence
  • valuables and cash

Brendan O’Shea, founder and managing director of Just Clear, said: “We’re an award-winning probate clearance firm and we can locate the valuables and documents for an estate if required, and place them in secure storage.

“In addition, the house might contain furniture or other items that have significant value so it’s always worth talking to the experts about anything you think might be worth a lot of money.”

If you would like to discuss our rubbish removal services in London, please call us on 020 3130 0008

Hoarder clearance

Hoarding is recognised as mental health condition, but if you or someone you know has decided enough is enough, then a team of people might be needed to clear everything out. Because hoarding is such a personal thing, friends can help because they will not have the same attachment to items. But it can be an enormous task.

Brendan adds: “Our staff have all been trained in hoarder clearance because we recognise it as a sensitive issue that needs to be done with tact and understanding. Many people tell us afterwards how life-changing hoarder clearance is; something I’m particularly proud of.”

Rubbish removal services in London post building

Building work almost always results in debris. Consult your local authority to find out what can be done with the waste or if there are recycling services nearby. Just Clear offers rubbish removal post building, and guarantees green and responsible disposal of rubbish.

Office moves

Again, if an office move requires the disposal of old electrical equipment, paperwork or furniture check out the services that offer sustainable removal options. Electrical equipment must be disposed of according to the WEEE regulations so check any company offering such services is fully compliant.

Old furniture disposal

Sofa and armchair upgrade in mind? Remember that many charities take second-hand furniture that is in good condition, providing the fire safety label is in place. Just Clear can also remove:

  • mattresses
  • beds
  • carpets
  • TVs
  • refrigerators

For more on our rubbish removal services in London, check out the full range of our services here.