Summary of services

Although some cities and towns are affected with the closure of transfer stations, the majority of areas remain unaffected. If you would like to learn if your area is affected please do contact us.

  • Rubbish removal Our rubbish removal service and Man & Van service operates as normal, albeit with some PPE measures to protect our staff and clients.
  • Coronavirus decontamination service – Our COVID-19 decontamination service continues to operate nationwide. Where our disinfectant kills 99.99% of enveloped viruses (such as COVID-19) and non-enveloped viruses within minutes of contact.
  • House Clearance – All our house clearance services relating to a death after February 2020, will need to be decontaminated with our decontamination service prior to carrying out any clearance work.
  • Technicians We offer a contactless clearance service, collecting from outside or in secure areas inside properties. Our technicians are wearing PPE, and carry with them a supply of a spray chemical called ULTRA, which they use to clean surfaces in their vans as they go about their day.
  • Just Clear HQ staff  we are remotely working from our homes.
  • Opening hours – Mon – Saturday (8am to 5:30pm).
  • Operating days  operating normally Monday – Saturday.

Additional details

Just Clear provides a reactive support role to key sectors in the domestic and commercial market and has been granted COVID-19 Critical Contractor status covering key contracts. We also provide essential waste removal / decontamination services to homes and businesses where there may be an environmental hazard or where individuals are unable to dispose of waste themselves.

Operation guidelines:

  • Waste should be placed outside wherever it is possible to do so to ensure that there is no close human interaction.
  • Where this is not possible rubbish for clearance should be contained in an area away from human traffic.
  • A lot of our technicians are operating alone ensuring social distancing is maintained. However equally – we are operating with a double crew, should the particular clearance require it.
  • All payments need to be made on or before the collections take place.
  • Our office operates as normal but our staff are working 100% remotely.
  • Waste from homes with possible cases of COVID-19 needs to be double bagged, using a quality black bag. This needs to be flagged as COVID-19 related rubbish and we will ensure its sprayed before we collect it.

We would like to ask all clients to be transparent and work with us to help control the risks. Thank you and stay safe everyone.