Specialist Clearance

Some of the waste you may need a specialist firm to help you dispose of is not your ‘typical rubbish’. That’s why we offer a specialist clearance service, for things like biohazard waste, asbestos removal, confidential shredding (shhh!), data disposal and the removal of sharp objects.

Our experienced and professional, highly trained handlers will give you a call forewarning you of their arrival, so you won’t be sitting around twiddling your thumbs waiting for us.

Our specialist clearance services include:

Flood Damage

When disaster strikes and murky water seeps into your property, we are the first people you should call. If your appliances break and water comes pouring out of them, we are prepared for that too! Our engineers are equipped with industrial Aqua-Vacs and dehumidifiers, and will leave your property ready for repair or redecoration.

Specialist Hygiene including Hoarder House Clearance

Nothing’s too unpleasant for our team. For specialist hygiene disposal needs, let us know and we will dispose of them promptly and legally. This includes disinfecting areas contaminated by body fluids, disposal of rotten food waste, removal of offensive waste, void property cleaning or rapid sewage clean up.

Fly Tip Removal

If someone has decided your property is a good place to illegally dump waste, do not consider re-fly-tipping. We will look for any information that could help identify fly-tippers and lead to a prosecution. Repeat offenders like broken white goods and mattresses are no problem.

Asbestos Removal

Archaeologists suggest we’ve been using asbestos for 4,500 years, but it wasn’t until the 1930s we realised it had poisonous qualities. Our professional teams have been carefully disposing of asbestos waste since 1990.  We work with expert surveyors to provide meticulous investigations and decide on the surest and safest course of asbestos removal.

Biohazard Clearance & Cleaning

Biohazard waste is a regular bi-product of some industries. We have all the safety equipment to take away hazards such as human or animal bodily fluids, pest control, toxic spillage, clinical waste or crime scene clean up. The offending area will be cleared of all harmful substances and dangerous pathogens, disinfected and deodorised in the process. Same day service available.

Biohazard Sharps Removal

Usually originating in the medical or healthcare industry, sharps are anything made of plastic, metal or glass that can, or have been used to pierce, scrape or cut skin, and can be potentially infectious. This includes needles, syringes, vials, scalpels, dental wires and more.

As Government licensed waste carriers, everything we dutifully collect is disposed of legally and ethically by fully trained and seasoned waste experts at regulated facilities, with a report provided afterwards.

To arrange a specialist clearance, or for more information call 0203 130 0008. Alternatively, you can make a booking via our online booking system.

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